As a Physiotherapist I can’t tell you how often we hear “my hammies are tight they just need a rub”

You sure that’s all they need?

I mean it’s very easy for me to put my elbow in your hamstrings for 30 mins every couple of weeks – yes we’re very good at finding the spot and finding the spots that you didn’t know were tight but what if there’s a little more to it then that?

Hamstring tightness is generally an effect of something else that’s going on. Think of your hamstrings like a faulty radiator. Very often the issue (there’s generally a multitude) will not be the hamstrings but more often come from a completely different part of the body.

For anyone that’s ever pulled a hamstring many of you will have gone back to your sport or hobby for a few weeks only to feel your hamstring ‘go’ on you once more. Very often this cycle of recovery and injury goes on for years and leads to early retirement in a lot of amateur athletes.

*Hint: you fixed the leaky radiator but forgot to look at the boiler which was actually the problem. The radiator was just the effect not the cause.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

For more information on the above have a look at our recovery guide for athletes